B.C. Service Updates: Rainfall & Flooding

We’re providing the latest updates as our partner carriers handle major service impacts due to inclement weather in B.C.

Update Dec 6

Our partner carriers have been able to successfully establish alternative routes to pick up and deliver shipments in and out of Vancouver, Victoria, and Nanaimo. This is following the limited access to BC’s Highway 1, the main artery for the Western transportation network. 

While backlogged shipments will begin to display more regular updates, please expect delays associated with these alternative routes, and current winter weather advisories. 

Please continue to monitor your tracking pages and refer back to our blog for additional updates.

Update Dec 3

We are happy to report that the previously suspended Canpar services from, to, and within the lower mainland of British Columbia, and Vancouver Island have resumed. With the exception of Lytton, BC where delivery is still inaccessible, Canpar and other partner carriers will begin to clear the backlog of shipments in their networks as road conditions improve. For that reason, current and likely future shipments in Western Canada will still see significant delays. Please continue to monitor the status of your shipments on the carrier’s tracking pages. 

On Dec 1, Canpar implemented an additional 4% fuel surcharge to their services for all shipments traveling by ground into, out of, and within BC. These charges will remain in effect until further notice.

Main-in clients should check with their preferred carriers to see if they have resumed service or if they intend to in the coming days. 

Thank you so much for your continued patience and understanding while we navigate the outcomes of this emergency. Our commitment to providing our essential services, and the safety of those affected continues to be at the forefront of our minds.

Update Nov 29

Despite our partner carriers’ best efforts, the movement of shipments into and out of BC still remains quite limited as main highways close once again until further notice. With even more inclement weather on the way this week, conditions in BC are not expected to improve for some time yet. The arrival of a third consecutive storm on Tuesday will likely continue to put a strain on transportation into and out of the province of British Columbia.

The challenges of transportation have resulted in the increase of fuel surcharges for Canpar’s ground services into, out of and within BC beginning December 1. Additionally, Canpar also announced that effective immediately, they will temporarily suspend ground service for shipments originating from the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island to the rest of Canada. However, shipments within the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island as well as shipments into BC from the rest of the country are still being accepted at this time. Please note that these changes may impact your Canpar pickups to our Richmond, BC hub.

We will remain in close contact with all of our partner carriers for the latest information in the days to come and hope to provide another update for our clients soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Update Nov 25

As the province continues efforts to recover from the effects of last week’s storm, BC is preparing for additional rainfall. Weather experts are calling for more precipitation beginning Thursday and through the upcoming weekend, threating to raise rivers once again. While it is unclear what the impacts on the recovery efforts will be, our hearts go out to all British Columbians during this very difficult time.

Reports from our partner carriers earlier this week were hopeful for some movement by Wed, Nov 24, however, it has taken longer than anticipated to resume normal operations. Limited access to main highways into and out of BC continues as the province restricts the major roads to essential travel only. As a result, there has been very little movement of shipments into and out of the province. Severe delays are expected.

As before, we remain in steady communication with our partner carriers for the latest updates and we will provide more information on your shipments as news becomes available. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Update Nov 23

As we anticipate shipments will begin to slowly transit to their destinations over the next few days, you may notice updated tracking events for your shipments. Tracking events of “Electronic information submitted by shipper” indicate that we have released shipment information to Canada Post as we expect your Chit Chats Canada Tracked shipments will begin to transit in the coming days. However, clients should be aware that this update is a pre-transit event and does not reflect the actual movement of their shipments with the carrier.

We are working closely with all of our partners on the latest updates for your shipments and hope to provide more news later this week.

Update Nov 22

The recent adverse weather events in B.C. resulted in multiple road closures and a slowdown to ground transportation of shipments across Western Canada. While the damage and the effects of the storm are quite extensive, limited highway access has been deemed safe for the time being. 

The backlog of Canadian shipments held up in B.C. as a result of the events are now slowly beginning to be transported and sorted to their destinations. While the updates from our partner carriers are very positive following their initial reports, we want to advise our clients to still expect severe delays to shipments for some time yet. The current estimate for Canadian shipments arriving to B.C. is a delay of at least 8 business days past their expected delivery. However, as of now the significance of the delay is still unclear for shipments departing from B.C.

Please continue to communicate with your customers about the shipping delays and check back to our service updates for the most recent information. 

British Columbia is still assessing and recovering from severe flooding resulting in the declaration of a state of emergency and closure of major highways. While the damage and full impact are still greatly unknown, we are taking every precaution to mitigate the service interruption. However, clients should be aware that packages destined to, or originating from the Western region of Canada will experience severe delays.

Canadian Shipments

Updated Nov 25

Canada Post, our partner carrier for Canadian shipments reports ongoing delays to shipments as a mail delivery alert remains in place for Western Canada. Additionally, there is a temporary suspension for delivery to Merritt, BC at this time. While Canada Post is considering alternatives to safely deliver shipments, they want to reassure shippers that shipments within their network remain safely in their care.

However, this means that your Chit Chats Canada Tracked shipments originating in BC and destined to other provinces as well as shipments from other regions destined for BC have been unable to transit through Canada Post’s network in a timely manner. At this time we expect shipments to experience extreme delays upwards of two weeks beyond their original delivery estimates. At the same time, the impacts of the service interruption are being felt in other parts of the country. Delays, especially in Alberta, have been reported due to the strain on carrier networks with finding alternative routing.

We anticipate that carriers may make some adjustments to previously announced holiday shipping deadlines as they approach. Our clients are encouraged to check our blog regularly for updates and to ship early whenever possible.

We hope to provide further updates in the coming days as more information from our partner carriers becomes available.

U.S. Shipments 

Updated Nov 25

On the whole, U.S. bound shipments continue to see little to no impact. However, during this time, our Chit Chats U.S. Economy Tracked service will remain temporarily unavailable for our BC clients as current transit times greatly exceed our service levels. Shipments currently in our network are still in transit but may experience delays. 

International Shipments

Your international shipments originating from BC will be processed as normal with minimal impacts.

Other Impacts

Canpar Courier Pickups

Updated Dec 3

Canpar, our partner for courier pickups, has now resumed service to, from and within BC with the exception of Lytton. However, they continue to report service delays for shipments in and destined to the affected areas of BC. This comes as they work to process their backlog of shipments as road conditions have improved. However, Canpar advises clients to continue checking their tracking and to visit their service alerts page for the latest updates.

Additionally, as a result of the ongoing transportation challenges as the costs of alternative routing, Canpar introduced a temporary fuel surcharge increase on Wednesday, December 1. All shipments travelling by ground into, out of and within BC will be subject to a 4% increase to fuel surcharge until further notice. This will include Canpar pickups scheduled for delivery to our Richmond, BC hub.

Return Shipments

As outgoing shipments experience delays, please expect longer processing times for your return shipments.


Online supply orders from Chit Chats Supplies to BC are also impacted at this time. We recommend that you consider ordering supplies for pickup from your local branch during this time.

For more service updates from our partner carriers, please visit the Partner Carrier Delays blog.