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Ecommerce Platform Support During COVID-19

If you use an ecommerce platform, like Amazon or Shopify, to manage your online business, we’ve collected some additional resources that can help you during the pandemic. And if you are new to ecommerce platforms, you can read our posts about how they stack up to find the best fit for you. Below are some helpful COVID-19 related links for ecommerce platforms

Chit Chats will continue to update our dedicated COVID-19 blog post to inform you of any changes that may impact your business. Our top priority continues to be the health and safety of our staff, clients and partners.


Etsy is a global online marketplace for custom, handmade and unique goods. Their main support article at this time outlines tips for handling your shop if you’re impacted by COVID-19.


eBay has resources for both buyers and sellers which navigate how the pandemic has impacted their community.

Seller accounts will be protected from being downgraded from the March 20 seller performance standard evaluation through July 19.


Shopify provides answers to top questions along with many resources for businesses to help during this challenging time. Topics include short term revenue strategies and cash flow management.


Amazon has a dedicated blog post to address how they are supporting their community, their customers, and employees. The information on this page is updated daily.


WooCommerce is supporting their community by providing tips for starting your online store, managing overwhelming order volumes and working remotely. They’ve also compiled useful resources from their partners on their approaches during COVID-19


The support team at Wix has a whole section of their help centre dedicated to ideas for taking your entire business online and recommendations for how to grow your existing online customer base.


ShipStation provides sellers with a quick update on the operations of each of their carrier partners and selling channels. They also have articles which cover how to adapt your business during this time to strategies for keeping shipping costs low.

Did we miss any COVID-19 ecommerce resources? Let us know.