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Returns On the Platform

We’ve been hard at work, finding ways to streamline and improve returns. Starting October 23, any returns we receive will show in your Chit Chats account, giving you visibility on the status of your return shipments.

What’s Changing?

  • View return shipments directly from your account under the “Returns” tab
  • Check for the ‘Ready’ status which indicates the return is ready for pick up from a branch unless you have selected a different return method
  • Simplified return fees for U.S. & International return shipments
    • $5 for all return shipments
    • $2.50 for return letter/card
  • Ability to select a default U.S. return address used for all your U.S. and international shipments
  • New disposal time-frame of 15 business days for pick up at a branch. This applies to any held shipments.

Canadian Returns

Canada Tracked return shipments that are undeliverable and returned to sender by Canada Post will be processed at our hub branches.

For Canadian customer returns, we recommend that you provide your customers with clear instructions on how to directly return Canadian shipments to either your business address or a PO box. If we receive a Canadian customer return the fee will be $5 to process them back to you based on the return method you have selected in your return settings.

U.S. & International Returns

All U.S. and international shipments require a U.S. return address. There are 3 options available:

  1. Chit Chats U.S. Return Address
  2. Your Own U.S. Return Address
  3. U.S. Disposal Address

By default, shipments created on the platform will use Chit Chats’ U.S. return address. If you prefer to manage your own returns or dispose of them you will need to update your return settings to avoid additional return fees.

All return shipments we receive at our U.S. facility from October 23 will be charged directly to your account based on your return settings. Be sure to review and update your return settings.

Return Methods

Depending on the availability in your region, you have the option to select your return method. These are your options for how we can send your return shipments back to you:

1. Pick up at branch

You can select your preferred branch to pick up any return shipments. Monitor your “Returns” tab to see when a return shipment is “Ready” for pick up at your branch. Learn about return statuses.

2. Mail back to me

If you choose this option be sure to verify your address in your account settings. We will use this to mail back your return shipments. Additional shipping fees will apply and our returns team will consolidate any return packages as much as possible to minimize these fees. Read more

Atlantic region clients: All return shipments will be mailed back directly (shipping fees apply).

3. Send with my scheduled pick up

Only available for approved pick up clients. We will bring your return shipments to you on your regularly scheduled pickup day.