Order Supplies Online for Pickup in Alberta & BC

Chit Chats clients in Alberta & British Columbia now have access to their own store for supplies. Get tailored supplies offerings and rates with these brand new supplies stores.

Our online supplies store, Chit Chats Supplies, is expanding with a new store for our clients in Alberta and British Columbia!

What’s new?

From our new Alberta and British Columbia stores you can expect a shipping supplies experience more tailored to the needs of the region. You’ll now notice:

  • Faster turnaround times on supplies orders (within two business days)
  • Cheaper shipping rates for supplies delivered to your location
  • You can order supplies online for pickup at your preferred Chit Chats branch in Alberta or BC
  • And BC pickup clients can purchase supplies online for delivery with their pickups

How to Access the Alberta & BC Supplies Stores

To get started with making your online supplies order, head to our shipping supplies page. You’ll notice that it now has a slightly different look. Click on “Choose the supplies store for your region” and select your region from the dropdown to dive in.

You’ll be asked to select your region to visit the appropriate supplies store for your region. If you don’t already have an account, please be sure to create one before you begin placing orders for supplies.

Existing Chit Chats Supplies Clients

If you have previously ordered supplies from our Ontario supplies site, you will need to create a new login to access the correct supplies site for your region. No need to worry though, you will still have access to your past orders and other account information for your recordkeeping purposes. However, if you prefer to order your supplies from the Ontario store you may continue to do so. Please note that supplies pricing and delivery times can vary from region to region.

Need Help with Supplies?

Have a question about our supplies or your order? Our friendly team is always glad to help out. Simply submit a ticket to help and support with your order number and we’ll be there to help out.