November Client Spotlights

Dive into our November client spotlights! We’re sharing three Chit Chats clients that sell items perfect for the hard to shop for on your list. Find the ideal gift for a crafter from Uniquely Why Not, a beautiful sweater for their favorite fandom designed by Sage and Sprout, or send them on a nostalgia trip with a box set of their favorite series from CP Media outlet. 

Holiday shopping should fill you with cheer but finding a unique gift can be like finding white gloves in a snowstorm! Never fear, here are some of our super special Chit Chats clients to spark inspiration and help start you on your holiday shopping quest! 

Uniquely Why Not

Like many of our Chit Chat clients, Shelley from Uniquely Why Not had an “Aha!” moment that spiraled into something amazing. While crafting on her Cricut, she realized that she was spending more time looking for the tools she needed than actually working on her project. With the help of her husband and his 3D printer, she was able to develop a tiered organizer to house all of her Cricut accessories. Excited to share what she had created, she revealed her design to her Facebook crafting community and was blown away by the response. 

This first design became the catalyst for Uniquely Why Not and for the many other products that put the fun back into crafting and creating. If you dabble in Cricut crafting, you know that weeding your designs can be a tedious and unnerving part of the process. So Uniquely Why Not made a ‘Desktop Weeding Waste Bin’ with teeth on the side to streamline your work. What’s more, all of their products come in a variety of signature colours! 

We are so proud to call entrepreneurs like Shelley our clients because the passion that sparks their ingenuity, energizes us! What makes Uniquely Why Not’s organizers so essential, is that they are created by someone who truly loves to craft and understands the challenges that some along with it. At Chit Chats we strive to understand the challenges that entrepreneurs face when shipping. And understanding the challenges is what motivates us to keep improving so clients like Uniquely Why Not can get back to doing what they love! 

If you are the Cricut crafting type or need the perfect gift for someone who is, visit their website to shop all of their products at

Sage and Sprout 

Make sure to write this name down because Sage and Sprout designs the perfect gifts for all of those on your holiday list who love SciFi and quirky characters. Founder, Meg has created an online store where you can shop graphic tees, phone cases and totes based on your obsession. Whether it be heroes, wizards, magic or space, we guaran-tee you will find something that will be perfect for any fandom fanatic. 

“I created Sage and Sprout as a safe place for fictional world obsessed people like me. What started out as making a couple shirts for vacation quickly turned into much more”

Meg, Owner of Sage and Sprout

Not only do they screen print many of their designs onto a variety of styles and colours, but they also use high quality materials so you can wear them for years to come. Choose from a cotton tote bag, a soft canvas t-shirt, or a snuggly crewneck sweater perfect for the cold winter days! And keep an eye out for the latest drops, you might be lucky enough to snag one of their regularly sold out embroidered sweaters.

Sage and Sprout’s customers love that their products showcase unique designs and a comfortable fit stylish enough for anyone to wear! We love that they are following their interests and sharing them with others through their amazing designs. Be sure to check out the goodies on their website and place your order today so they can have your order ready for those on your holiday shopping list. 

CP Media Outlet

Remember the good ol’ days of box set movies, TV series that ran for years and those beloved books that you just can’t find any more? Well, you can now shop all of these collectible items and more from Chit Chats client CP Media’s Amazon store. 

With listing like “The Complete Collection of Peter Rabbit”, “M*A*S*H” the box set, and Battlestar Galacticia you can find that perfect hidden gem to surprise the collector on your holiday list. This shop specializes in products from Warner manufacturing, Paramount, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and others and comes highly recommended not only from their customers, but as a trusted Amazon Seller

Michael, the owner of CP Media Outlet, has been shipping with Chit Chats since 2011 and has been with us through all the changes we’ve made to make Chit Chats easier to use. 

The many innovations they’ve established have made shipping with them both simple and economical. Small businesses get a leg up on their competition when utilizing Chit Chats’s seamless shipping workflow, from purchasing postage to facilitating on time delivery/

Owner, CP Media Outlet

We are so delighted to be able to help CP Media Outlet, and many other Canadian entrepreneurs bring joy to their customers this holiday season. To shop one of their collectible items, please visit their store on