Peterborough Here We Come!

Starting May 10, we’ll be spreading the Chit Chats cheer to Peterborough, Ontario with a new access point.

As promised here’s our second drop spot launching this month. Peterborough residents, get ready to access Chit Chats from our newest access point. Starting Wednesday May 10, drop off your shipments at our Peterborough location.

Chit Chats is the preferred shipping solution by thousands of Canadian businesses. Share the love with your fellow entrepreneurs and let them know that we’ll be seeing them in Peterborough!


2109 Whittington Drive, Building 1, Unit A Peterborough ON K9J 0G5

Processing Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, Saturday: Closed

Using Chit Chats Peterborough

Is it your first time shipping from a drop spot? Our access points differ slightly from our branches. Learn more

  • All packages must be ready to ship and pre-labelled
  • There are no access fees at this location
  • Consolidate your shipments into one container to keep them organized

Chit Chats helps lower your shipping costs while providing sustainable solutions for your business. Access low third party pick up rates, discounted shipping supplies and Chit Chats Insurance to protect those valuable packages. Our easy to use platform makes shipping a breeze and with over 70+ locations across Canada and big savings, Chit Chats is here to help you reach your dreams.

Grand Opening Giveaway

To continue spreading the cheer we will have another giveaway where two lucky winners will receive credits each to ship with Chit Chats.

Stay tuned to our newsletter, socials and blog for updates very soon!