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New Asendia Priority Tracked Rates Coming July 1

E-commerce shipping is seeing unprecedented package volumes during this pandemic. In addition, stricter safety measures, reduced staff, and limited transportation have impacted shipping, particularly international shipments. 

The cancellation of passenger flights has decreased cargo capacity and increased transit times. This has caused a backlog of packages awaiting transport to international destinations. All of these factors contribute to extra costs and resources. Currently, our partner carriers have been absorbing these extra costs.

In September 2019 at the UPU Extraordinary Congress in Geneva, Switzerland, it was determined that self-declared rates could begin in July 2020, with the U.S. first in line.

As a result, USPS is imposing rate increases July 1 on carriers that use their network. This will impact Asendia, our partner carrier that we use to offer the Asendia Priority Tracked service. 

Rate increases from partner carriers or foreign postal administrations are beyond our control. We will update our postage costs in line with any changes. Our partner carriers have strong relationships with foreign postal administrations worldwide and their access to alternative solutions in the industry that will help minimize some of this impact. We always look for ways to provide our clients with low-cost shipping options and while some international rates are set to increase there are some that will improve.

These changes are a direct reflection of the challenges arising from the pandemic. Should things begin to normalize (air capacity returns), it is possible that rates may change in the future. But at this time there is no specific timeline on when this may happen.

We are still waiting to receive the updated rates in order to determine the postage increase for the Asendia Priority Tracked service. We understand the urgency of getting the new rates however, this depends heavily on each country’s postal authority.

As soon as we have more details on the rate increases for this service we will update all our clients.

Thank you for your understanding.

Update June 29

We have confirmed rates with Asendia for the upcoming changes scheduled for July 1. We have worked hard to minimize these increases as much as possible. The countries where the increase may be most apparent are: 

  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Switzerland
  • Australia
  • Italy
  • Singapore
  • Netherlands
  • France

There are some countries which will see a decrease. 

  • Spain
  • Great Britain

Need a refresher on which countries Asendia Priority Tracked can be used? Review our support article to learn which countries can be shipped to using this service.