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May Client Spotlights

Client Spotlight

Our second installment of client spotlights is here! This month we’re getting to know a husband and wife duo who create inspiring hand stamped pieces, an entrepreneur that is bringing Filipino culture to life through fashion and an artist that hand stitches beautiful, whimsical and unique pieces with love and care. 

Read their inspiring stories and check out these awesome creative entrepreneurs to #supportlocal today. 

Impressions – Hand Stamped Creations 

Laura & Adam are the owners and creators of Impressions – Hand Stamped Creations. As a husband and wife duo they design inspirational, cute and quirky pieces. In their shop you’ll find creations made with a variety of materials from vintage silverware, brass, copper and aluminum. And these hand stamped creations include beautiful pieces of jewelry, novelty stemware and unique gifts.

Inspired by the art of ‘stamping’ and the idea of restoring new life (or new purpose) to flatware stored away in boxes for way too long, each piece is truly one of a kind!

With over half of their thousands of customers being international, Chit Chats has been a huge part of their success. We are proud to be the sole shipping provider for all their international orders so they can offer affordable tracked shipping. 

As a small business owner for the past 6 years who solely sells online, I know how important it is to have a reliable and efficient shipping partner…working with [Chit Chats] as our sole shipping provider for international packages is a game changer.

Laura, Impressions – Hand Stamped Creations

Be sure to check out their Etsy stop as this client has spotlights in the Ottawa Wedding Magazine, Huffington Post, Amazon.ca, and The Pioneer Woman. Your story inspires us and we wish you both even more success! 

Cambio & Co., Sinta & Co. and R2Rshop

Secondly meet entrepreneur Jérôme. He uses Chit Chats to bring goods from his three separate ecommerce businesses to the world. Not only has Chit Chats helped simplify the shipping for his businesses, our services also make it possible to take their market reach worldwide. 

Cambio & Co. is an ethical fashion company empowering Filipinos of the diaspora to #WearYourHeritage. Its mission is to create sustainable livelihoods for artisans in the Philippines. They achieve this by providing tangible ways for the global diaspora to reconnect with their culture through fashion. We love how they blend culture and fashion with every piece designed and handcrafted in the Philippines. Each piece showcases contemporary, conscious fashion made with Filipino soul.

Sinta & Co. is the world’s first socially conscious Filipino wedding boutique which came into being after Jérôme got married in 2018. In this darling shop, you will find beautiful wedding accessories, ceremony essentials, and practical planning tips to help any couple incorporate Filipino traditions into their big day.

Lastly, he also partners with R2Rshop, a fashion and design house based in Manila to distribute their eco-ethical fashion to happy customers in Canada and the U.S. R2R stands for Rags2Riches, a name proving that style doesn’t have to include excess. And using Chit Chats to ship is how they are able to give more people access to this sustainable brand. 

Oh My Heart Embroidery

Next meet Kari, the owner and artist behind Oh My Heart Embroidery. What started out as an idea has quickly flourished to be the job she never could have dreamed of. Creating unique handmade embroidered accessories with a vintage flair is Kari’s specialty.  Her shop contains pieces ranging from personalized initial jewelry, to intricate floral necklaces. It is also home to the original bridal bouquet portrait as featured in Romantic Homes magazine! A stunning cotton anniversary gift for any bride, this custom piece preserves the beauty and sentiment of a bridal bouquet.

Every piece is hand stitched with love and care. So look no further if you want to add a touch of romance to any outfit or need the perfect gift for your favorite lady.

Chit Chats has been an absolute game changer for my business and a company I am happy to stand behind 100%. I can’t begin to convey the headaches it has saved by providing affordable tracking and insurance rates to the U.S. I recommend [Chit Chats] to anyone who reaches out to me for business tips!

Kari, Oh My Heart Embroidery

We are thrilled to support Kari’s business by providing opportunities to compete in the U.S. market all the while relieving the headaches of shipping. It’s why we exist, to help entrepreneurs like Kari do what they love while we make shipping as painless as possible!

Be Our Next Client Spotlight

Certainly, if you want to share your story or want us to feature you in an upcoming spotlight, reach out! Simply drop us a line at social@chitchats.com. We are always so thrilled to hear the inspiring stories and successes of all our clients. And if you enjoyed our May Client Spotlights, share your feedback with us.