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Mandatory Masks

During the past few weeks, we have seen numerous municipalities move to mandate mask-wearing in specific public spaces where people gather. These bylaws and regulations make it mandatory to wear masks in settings where it can be difficult to practice physical distancing like on public transit or in indoor spaces. 


  • Beginning Friday, July 31, masks will be mandatory in all enclosed public spaces like shops, cafés and facilities in downtown Banff.
  • Not mandatory provincewide.


  • Starting August 1, it will be mandatory to wear masks in all indoor public spaces and public transit in Calgary. Mask-wearing will also be mandatory while outside in downtown Banff’s pedestrian zone.
  • For clients who drop off shipments at our Calgary branch, we ask that you adhere to this bylaw.


  • The City of Toronto passed a bylaw to make mask wearing indoors mandatory. The bylaw will take effect July 7 and last until the next city council meeting in September. It mandates mask-wearing in indoor settings that the public has access to such as grocery stores and malls.
  • Similar mandates have gone into effect in the neighbouring Peel, York and Durham regions.
  • Municipal bylaws make indoor mask-wearing mandatory in places like Toronto and Ottawa, but it is not mandatory provincewide.


  • Quebec is one of the only provinces to enact province-wide mask regulations. As of July 13, masks will be mandatory on all public transit in the province as well as indoor public places.


  • Premier Stephen McNeil and Dr. Robert Strang, Chief Medical Officer of Health for Nova Scotia, announced that masks will become mandatory in most indoor public places starting July 31.
  • Newfoundland, Labrador & PEI: The public is recommended to wear cloth masks indoors and in settings where distancing is impossible, but they are not mandatory provincewide.
  • New Brunswick: People must wear face coverings in any building open to the general public, with the exception of children under two or in daycare, or people with medical exemptions.