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Losing Online Customers Because Of Seller Shipping Fees?

Are Online Seller Shipping Fees Cutting Into Your Profits?

Shoppers love a good sale, and there is nothing like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day to bring out the deal seeker in everyone.  But for online sellers, drastic price cuts mean smaller profit margins and that makes controlling costs even more important.  Though it’s true that most online sellers pass 100% of the shipping cost on to their customer, they still have to pay for packing and shipping supplies.  And higher shipping costs can be deterrents to potential customers.  That’s where we come in.

Chit Chats has been increasing the sales of online sellers, reducing online seller shipping fees and saving them thousands on shipping to the United States and abroad since 2001.  We are committed to helping Canadians reduce shipping costs and offer cheaper shipping and order fulfillment options.

As we mentioned, we’ve been saving online sellers thousands of dollars since 2001.  Here’s how:

  • Daily (Monday to Saturday) deliveries to the United States Postal Service, United States UPS and FedEx
  • Onsite terminals available to print USPS postage in our branches
  • Technical and client support to ease the problems of selling and shipping to the United States and Worldwide
  • Parcel pickup and drop-off options
  • Impressive shipping times for a fraction of the cost
  • Tracking for shipments
  • Reliable, cost effective order fulfillment services and bulk shipping options
  • Discounted USPS postage and shipping rates available to bulk shippers and fulfillment customers
  • Your source for the lowest priced bubble mailers, thermal printers, labels, bubble wrap and USPS Priority and Flat Rate shipping supplies

Learn about why you should be switching to Chit Chat’s for all your U.S., Canadian and International shipping.  Start shipping with Chit Chats today and see how much money you can save on shipping to the U.S. and worldwide.

Contact Chit Chats today and save big on all your shipping needs.


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