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June Client Spotlights

Client Spotlight

It’s time for our June client spotlights! This time around we’re featuring a textbook entrepreneur helping students save, a maker of fashionable and fun scrub hats for our essential healthcare workers and the designer of fun and empowering custom handmade accessories.

Read their stories below and be sure to check out their stores to #supportlocal today.

Western Campus Resources

You can always find a wide array of new and used textbooks at Western Campus Resources. Since 1998, they have been supplying schools throughout Canada with educational books at budget-friendly prices. 

Having started off as a brick-and-mortar retail bookstore offering economically priced textbooks to UBC students, Western Campus Resources has grown over the years to offer access to great deals on books online. They have even expanded from servicing universities to servicing public and private schools across Canada. And it’s not just textbooks either, you can even snag a few classic novels from their site.

Not just a Chit Chats client, Western Campus Resources has also been a drop spot partner since 2018. Helping us provide access to Chit Chats’ services in North Vancouver, BC we are incredibly grateful for their support. We wouldn’t have been able to launch our first North Vancouver branch without all their help. Thank you, Western Campus Resources!

Be sure to check them out today whether you’re a student or you’ve recently finished your studies. They also buy books back!

Mimi ScrubHats

Founded in 2018, Mimi ScrubHats was born of the idea to inject style, personality and fun into the otherwise standard uniform of medical scrubs. But it was creator Jenny’s passion for sewing that turned the business into a full-fledged studio. And from her studio, Jenny is able to create a unique expression of personality by infusing fashion into the functional work gear.

While searching for shipping alternatives for her creations, Jenny stumbled upon Chit Chats. Signing up for an account saved her countless hours every week. She no longer needed to hand write addresses on packages, wait at a kiosk for labels to print individually or manually update each customer on their tracking details. More than just saving time, she didn’t have to worry about absorbing the high cost of shipping anymore. This allowed her to shift her focus back to making quality hats and spending more time with her family! 

I LOVE IT. Chit Chats provides a low-cost shipping option for Canada, US, and international shipments. All with tracking. That’s something Canada Post cannot beat. Also, I love how Chit Chats has a streamlined process in shipment creation (using the import function), label printing, and shipment drop-off. 

Jenny, Mimi ScrubHats

Handcrafted and made in Canada, shop a variety of styles and fun prints today. 

Pookum’s Products 

Pookum’s Products began as a hobby for owner AnnMarie. Her aim was to bring a little happiness and joy to people with fun accessories. Whether you need an everyday piece or one for special occasions, she crafts each item by hand with the goal of bringing the wearer light and positivity.

We know just how important it is for a new seller to be able to focus on products and growing a business instead of their shipping costs. And when shipping her first U.S. order AnnMarie, saw just how expensive shipping to the U.S. can be. She quickly learned that it was especially costly to offer her customers the tracking that they desired.

So after hearing about Chit Chats through an Etsy seller support group, AnnMarie decided to give our fully-tracked U.S. postage options a try. The low cost and fast shipping times made the switch to Chit Chats an easy decision for her small business! 

Be sure to check out her store to pick up a piece of joy for yourself or to spread to someone special in your life.