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July Client Spotlights

Client Spotlight

Our July client spotlights feature entrepreneurs with products that truly run the gamut. This month we learn about a men’s luxury underwear brand, a small women-run business spreading joy with one-of-a-kind gnomes and talented craftspeople creating quality leather goods & supplies. Wow, can our clients be any more talented and inspiring? Continue to #supportlocal and you’ll be surprised how many amazing items are available just at your doorstep. 

Bunch of Animals

After seeing how expensive it was to buy high-quality underwear from a notable Australian brand, Krystian decided to take matters into his own hands. He longed to buy seamless underwear adorned with prints reminiscent of art on canvas but was unable to find anything locally that even came close. This spurred him on to launch Bunch of Animals, a men’s luxury underwear brand in November 2018. 

With incredibly soft fabrics and beautiful designs created in collaboration with artists around the world, the demand for Bunch of Animals’ underwear easily followed, which meant the need for a shipping solution.

As an entrepreneur building an ecommerce business, Krystian discovered Chit Chats over 2 years ago. Considered an indispensable part of his business, the thing that has helped him the most is our Shopify integration. Making use of this feature saves him ample time creating shipments. Importing orders from Shopify is a snap meaning instead of entering shipments manually, he can focus his time on growing his business.

I love how easy and seamless it [Chit Chats] makes shipping to my customers.

Krystian, Bunch of Animals

AntoCHIQUE Creations 

As a small women-run business, AntoCHIQUE Creations’ focus is bringing happiness and smiles into households with one-of-a-kind gnomes! While they’ve been creating gnomes for years, business really picked up when the pandemic caused them to pivot. Despite the global uncertainty during this time, the business has helped them to focus on the positive things in life.  

After discovering Chit Chats through Calgary’s Virtual Market Facebook group, they were thrilled to have found a more affordable way of transporting gnomes to their customers’ homes. Shipping across Canada has never been easier and cheaper! 

Thank you again for your affordable, reliable, and fast service. We look forward to growing and continuing to use your [service] for years to come.

Antonina, AntoCHIQUE Creations

Leathersmith Designs Inc

Leathersmith Designs started from humble beginnings but together, husband and wife co-owners, Jamie and Gail have grown it into a successful leather shop and leathercraft supply business. The roots of Jamie’s leather crafting passion began after receiving a leathercraft kit from his parents at a young age. And that initial passion for creating such beautiful workmanship has carried on for over thirty years. 

Specializing in custom imprinted and personalized leather products, Leathersmith Designs’ customers come from all over the world. And prior to using Chit Chats, they shipped most products without tracking because it was the most affordable method for lower-valued parcels.

Affected by the various postal strikes over the years, one of their customers mentioned Chit Chats as an alternative. So after some research, it seemed like a good fit for their business. Particularly, once they discovered our competitive rates to the U.S. and overseas which include tracking. Having a tracked option for such a low cost made the switch an easy decision. 

Every year, more customers were demanding trackable packages so that was one of the most important things that Chit Chats helped our business with. 

Jamie, Leathersmith Designs Inc