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Important Reminders to Manifest Accurately

During this busy season we wanted to remind our clients the importance of manifesting packages accurately and be as detailed as possible with package descriptions.

Chit Chats and U.S. Customs takes this seriously and it is the shipper’s responsibility to declare package contents accurately. Any undeclared or mis-declared items or packages can lead to border delays and result in serious fines and penalties. Our Shipment Compliance Declaration is your acknowledgment to the rules and regulations. You can always reference it right from your account in the left hand menu drop down under Declaration.

We strongly encourage our clients to conduct internal audits with packages that are being dropped off to Chit Chats to ensure that all packages are declared accurately as possible.

  • Be accurate with the retail value of your package.
  • Don’t forget for high value items $300 USD or more it is mandatory to provide an invoice either on the outside or the inside of the box.
  • Invoices are also required for any collectible or vintage items where market value may vary (i.e. comic books, trading cards and vintage clothing).
  • Amazon FBA shipments must always be accompanied by a sales invoice that lists the products, corresponding ASINs and retail prices of the products.


  • Be detailed and descriptive of your package contents.
    • Provide a clear description and avoid any generic terms as this can cause delays with your packages.
    • If you import your shipments, be sure to look them over to ensure they are all described accurately as descriptions are pulled straight from your store.
    • For example, an imported shipment stating “1 Custom order for Jane Doe” will need to be edited to reflect the actual contents of the package “1 Custom order for Jane Doe – socks”
  • It’s important to remember that a description must cover all of the shipments contents, regardless of size, and be as specific as possible.
    • For example, instead of declaring “clothes and accessories,” a shipment should instead be declared as “1 dress, 1 lip gloss, 3 hair ties.”
    • Customs needs to know exactly what is being imported, so vague descriptions like “gift,” “products,” or “accessories” will need to be updated to be more accurate.

If you are unsure or have questions, please contact our support team as we’re always happy to help.