Chit Chats Lockers: A New Way to Pick Up Shipments

Reduce your domestic shipping costs with Chit Chats Collect and provide the ability for your customers to easily pick up packages from our shiny, new lockers. Chit Chats Lockers are a hassle-free option for your Canadian shipments.

Last month, we announced the launch of Chit Chats Collect – a service that addresses a core problem that plagues Canadian entrepreneurs the most, expensive domestic shipping! Now with the addition of Chit Chats Lockers, sellers can save like never before on Canadian shipping costs. Buyers simply pick up packages from a secure locker which are located in our Ontario and British Columbia based branches. 

Ecommerce sellers and buyers both benefit from the use of Chit Chats Collect and Lockers, it’s a win-win type of situation – learn more here

The Chit Chats Lockers Experience

  1. To get started, simply create a Chit Chats Collect shipment in your Chit Chats account. If your recipient’s address is located within 12 km of a Chit Chats Locker, you will see an available pickup option for your shipment.
  2. Once the shipment arrives at the corresponding branch, your customer will receive an email or SMS notification. This will let them know their shipment is ready for pick up. 
  3. Your customer will be able to choose from various pickup windows to best accommodate their schedule.
  4. Your customer will then receive a confirmation with detailed instructions on how to collect their shipment.
  5. After arriving at a Chit Chats Locker, your customer will enter the one-time-use pin or scan a unique QR code and the locker door immediately pops open for shipment retrieval. It’s as simple as that.

This is a great option to add to your ecommerce store just in time for the holidays! To make pickups as seamless as possible, we recommend your buyers schedule a pickup prior to the holiday break. This way, they have enough time to wrap up their special gifts before the holiday branch closures occur. 

To learn more about Chit Chats Collect and Lockers, visit the Help and Support page for all of the details and instructions. You can also read more in our recent press release to discover how Chit Chats is paving the way for innovative shipping services like these so businesses can effectively manage their shipping experience.

Start Using Collect and Lockers Today

Want to try out Collect and Lockers and our other shipping services to save money and support your customers across the world? Wonderful, then sign up now to get $5 off your first shipment, and discover how Chit Chats can make a significant impact on your business.