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Feature Release Notes: June 2020

New Features and Updates

  • Due to COVID-19 packages have longer transit times and we’ve extended delivery time estimates on our platform to be in line with these delays. 
    • These delays are beyond our control. We do not have more details than what is available on the tracking pages and our Client Support team will not be able to provide tracking or delivery time updates. 
    • Canada & U.S. can see additional 7-14 business day delays. We have seen some Canada Tracked shipments even take 30 days to be delivered. 
    • International can see additional 2-4 week delays and shipments transported by sea will have additional 3-4 week transit times. 

  • Shipments will be marked ‘archived’ after 60 days (previously 31 days) due to COVID-19 
  • Chit Chats Insurance timelines have been extended to 30 days before a claim for lost U.S. or Canadian packages can be filed. Learn how to file claims for Chit Chats Insurance and carrier insurance in our recent blog post. 
    • Reminder: Chit Chats Insurance covers a shipment from the time Chit Chats receives it, until it is delivered by our partner carriers. Shipments are not covered while they are in transit to Chit Chats (e.g. while being mailed-in, during a courier pickup, etc.).
  • New client alert notifications allow you to receive important updates right in your account 

Location and Branch Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved: Tracking for mail-in shipments not updating
  • Resolved: Fixed invoice statement title issue caused by timezone difference
  • Resolved: Issues with creating Canada Tracked shipments missing order IDs