February Monthly Roundup

Find our monthly summary of all the things that we’ve done including location, service, bug and feature updates!

Our monthly roundup is here.

Find all the latest updates, new features and improvements we made for February.

New Features and Updates

Chit Chats Site Improvements

  • Updates to Terms & Conditions, clarifying delivery fees
  • Removed cut-off time heading from location pages with no cut-off time

Etsy Integration Upgrade

Location and Branch Updates

  • New hours began Feb 6 in several Ontario branches and our Quebec hub

Service Updates

Chit Chats Slim

  • New maximum height of 1 inch for Slim shipments
  • Increased weight maximum from 250g to 450 g
  • Improved delivery estimate: 3-9 business days

USPS International

  • EU countries, Great Britain and Ireland are destinations temporarily unavailable due to new customs requirements effective Mar 1

Bug Fixes

  • Chit Chats Select Improvements
    • From addresses now display your account name or business name (if available)
    • Fixed issue with fulfilling eBay shipments
    • Tracking now updates correctly when delivery occurs after an earlier exception
    • Resolved issue with Chit Chats tracking not updating to delivery confirmed state
  • Fixed broken pathway for French printer instructions