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Feature Release Notes: April 2019

Our monthly round up is here. Find all the new releases, improvements and bug fixes for the month of April.

New features and updates

  • Mobile view improvements
  • Sort shipment import orders by customs value
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Bug fixes and other improvements

  • Improvements to address character limits and suggested address changes
  • eBay bug fix for tracking updates for UPS Mail Innovations
  • Shopify integration fix for ignoring cancelled fulfillment orders
  • Small bug fix for re-purchasing postage once expired to show ‘ready’ status
  • New archived tab for shipments that do not have a delivery confirmation
  • Improvements to our public tracking page
  • Remove USPS reference number for USPS First Class card, letter and envelope as these are non-tracked services and the reference number is not a tracking number


  • Why choose Chit Chats? Learn about our benefits on our new Why page
  • Read about us in the media on our Newsroom page

Branch updates

  • Starting May 1, our Richmond and Vancouver branch will be open until 7:00 pm Monday to Friday
  • Starting May 27, Mississauga will be open until 7:00 pm Monday to Friday
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