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Dimensional Rate Changes Coming June 23

In the beginning of the year, USPS announced that they would postpone changing their dimensional weight calculation until June 23, 2019.

Along with USPS implementing new dimensional changes, UPS Mail Innovations will also do the same.

As we quickly approach this date, we want to remind you of how this change might impact you.

What is dimensional weight?

Dimensional weight also known as volumetric weight, is a standard that carriers use to calculate postage.

Carriers will determine postage based on the greater of the two:

  • Actual weight or
  • Dimensional weight

What is USPS changing?

  • All shipments greater than 1 cubic foot are subject to dimensional weight pricing, regardless of their zone.
  • The divisor of the dimensional weight formula will change from 194 to 166.

If a package is over 1 cubic foot (1728 cubic inches), USPS will calculate postage based on the greater of dimensional or actual weight. You can expect to see an increase in the dimensional weight of your package as a result of the divisor change.

What is UPS Mail Innovations changing?

  • UPS MI will also use dimensional weight to calculate postage to all zones for shipments more than 1 lb and greater than 1 cubic foot
  • The formula to calculate dimensional weight will use the same divisor as USPS

Dimensional weight examples

How to Prepare

This is a good opportunity to evaluate the packaging you use to prepare your shipments.

  • Maximize savings and package your items as small as possible
  • Avoid empty space or air when packaging your products
  • Use USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail Boxes

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