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Deducting Delivery Fees With Postage

We mentioned in December, that we were working on simplifying how pending payments are deducted from your account credits. Based on your feedback, we want to streamline how delivery fees are deducted and we are happy to announce this is now implemented.

What does this mean for you? No more delays with shipments when there are insufficient credits on your account. There will no changes to your current flow.

For those who buy postage directly from us, you will see the delivery fee deducted at the same time you buy postage.  Previously Chit Chats’ delivery fees were deducted form your account when we received them at a branch.

In your shipment summary there will be a itemized breakdown of postage, insurance and the Chit Chats delivery fee. Now when you click on ‘Pay for shipment’ the postage, insurance and Chit Chats delivery fee will be deducted all at the same time.

You’ll also see the itemized right hand side bar with the same breakdown of postage, insurance and our delivery fee.

For those who buy postage outside of Chit Chats, the delivery fee will be deducted before you drop off your packages. In your shipment summary you will see the option to pay for the delivery fee prior to dropping them off at Chit Chats. With this update you will see shipments now show an ‘Unpaid’ status which means you can simply pay for the shipments before you drop them off to update the status to ‘Ready’. If you do not pay for the shipments before you will not be able to move them to a client batch.

The itemized side bar on the right hand side will show the same details.

The credits side bar on the left hand side will also have a more simplified look. It will show your available credits and any unpaid shipments which would include postage, delivery fee and insurance.

As always let us know what you think about these improvements and any other feedback. Send us a message as we’re always looking for ways to improve.

The Chit Chats Team