December Client Spotlight

From awe inspiring stories of creation like that of ‘The Littlest Boutique’, to sustained passion shown in the 15 years of honed artistry by Ébéniste and their handcrafted wooden rings. All the way to natural beauty products formulated by Bottled Heaven Co. Let’s dive into it one more time! 

We want to end the year on a major high note so we’ve put together some pretty amazing companies for our December Client Spotlight. Each is a truly personal and heartwarming story of creation, and triumph. Get a box of tissues ready for the story behind The Littlest Boutique, whose treasures bring comfort to others and Ébéniste, whose rings have a little bit of magic in each one. And of course Bottled Heaven Co that creates products to inspire confidence! 

The Littlest Gift Boutique 

Our first client spotlight feature is a store that is aptly named “The Littlest Gift Boutique” as it offers a range of small and adorable plush toys imported from Japan. However, the determination and perseverance that it took to build it into the success it is today can be considered no small feat. 

Jennifer Ngo, the co-founder of the plushie store, started sharing her love of “all things cute” by attending conventions in The Greater Toronto area with a small selection of items. As they grew in popularity, her kosik became a convention staple. Naturally, customers began to inquire about purchasing items online, but this presented a new challenge as the shipping rates were far too expensive to sustain a healthy ecommerce platform. Fortunately, Jennifer learned about Chit Chats through a fellow vendor and was able to offer  clients cheaper shipping options, growing their online sales.

Our e-commerce store started to bloom, and we had a convenient and more cost efficient hub to ship to all our customers across the world; from North America all the way to Europe, Asia and Australia

Jennifer Ngo, Co-founder of The Littlest Gift Boutique 

Nine years after embarking on this journey, she was able to fulfill her dream of opening a storefront inside the Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga; her local mall growing up! However, as many shops were forced to close amidst the global COVID-19 crisis, so did The Littlest Gift Boutique. However, thanks to their online platform they were still able to offer their plushies to their customers who found a great deal of comfort and peace in these familiar toys during that uncertain time. 

We here at Chit Chats are not only in awe of this amazing story of perseverance behind the store, but are honored to be a part of helping the entrepreneurs and owners of ‘The Littlest Gift Boutique’ live their dreams. If you would like to know more about them, or about the products they sell, please visit them on one of their many social media platforms, or at their website

Ébéniste Wood Rings

Our next client feature is another inspiring story from a seller based out of Vancouver, Canada. 

Creator Gill began Ébéniste in 2008 after he adapted his skills and passion as a cabinetmaker to design handmade wooden rings. After finding so much joy in the process and those he gifted the rings to, he started an Etsy store to share this joy with others. 

The shop now offers a range of beautifully crafted items in a variety of wood mediums such as Ebony, French Walnut, Cherry and Ash. Most notably is the wedding bands that are made to order on the store’s website. They are things of true artistry as they incorporate such meaningful material like guitar string, precious metal and meteorite into their seamless designs. 

Not surprisingly, the store snowballed into a success, and Gill needed a way to ship his thoughtfully made rings to his growing number of customers. A friend mentioned giving Chit Chats a try and after finding he was able to cut shipping costs he began to send the items to his customers free of charge. 

Thanks to Chit Chats my shipping costs were drastically reduced, allowing me to offer free shipping to my customers, thereby staying competitive in an otherwise tough market

Gill,Owner of Ébéniste Wood Rings

Gill is now in the process of setting up a nonprofit to use a portion of the proceeds from designing and selling unique pieces of wearable music memorabilia to raise funds for mental health initiatives. We are so happy to help deliver these beautiful rings and this beautiful message to Ebeniste’s customers. To shop Ebeniste’s unique items, or read more about the non-profit initiative please visit the website.

Bottled Heaven Co

Bottled Heaven Co, our next spotlight, is a store that is dedicated to making handmade natural skin care products for affordable prices. Owner Helen Ashik created these specialty beauty products to help those who suffer from skin irritation feel more confident. Having dealt with facial eczema herself, she searched for the right products, but found that the ones best suited for her were extremely expensive. For that reason she began creating natural scrubs so that others could benefit from their healing effects without having to shell out an enormous amount. The design and look of the products also have a fun and fresh feel not normally associated with products meant for skin irritation. The scrubs, whether for the body or lips come in different healthy superfoods like coffee, honey and matcha and more. 

Helen had heard about Chit Chats from a family member and decided to get more information from a customer service representative. After hearing the Chit Chats story, she was happy to partner with a Canadian Shipping company and get help when she needed it. Having many customers in the U.S., Bottled Heaven Co. benefits from the affordable shipping prices to the U.S. 

I love the service! I’ve never had any issues with Chit Chats and they are always eager to help when I run into small issues shipping my packages

Helen Ashik, Owner of Bottled Heaven Co

We love to hear stories like this one! Helping entrepreneurs save money and bring value to your business and its customers is our greatest joy. To shop Bottled Heaven Co.’s array of scrubs, visit them online.