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Chit Chats: Health & Safety Protocols

Update Jan 10 

Following the spike of COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant, Chit Chats is adapting some of our operations to accommodate increased safety protocols like even better processes for our contactless drop and go areas. You might notice some small changes in your branches when you next visit.

As with many industries, staffing shortages will be a ongoing concern over the coming weeks. While we navigate this rapidly changing situation, our main focus is to keep our clients, staff and partners safe while continuing to provide our essential shipping services. However, we want to prepare our clients to see significant delays to shipment transit times and support wait times.

Once again, please stay at home if you or someone from your household are feeling unwell. We also encourage you to make use of the public health tools for testing and self-assessment available in your region and follow their guidelines for isolation periods. If you would still like to send shipments during this time, we recommend that you consider alternative methods such as scheduling a Canpar pickup or mailing into one of our hub branches.

We greatly appreciate your continued support and understanding during this time. 

Health & Safety

As we continue to navigate the climate of this pandemic, we are all doing our part to flatten the curve and minimize the spread. Our health and safety protocols include the following measures at our branches: 

  • Contactless drop & go only
    • All branches will accept shipments in designated areas only
      • Where feasible, these areas will be as close to our entrances as possible
    • Contactless retrieval of supplies and returns
  • Physical distancing
    • Markers and visible signs to help maintain a minimum of 2 metres (6 feet) between yourself and other clients and staff
    • Our pickup drivers are instructed to maintain physical distance when accepting shipments. Please prepare your ready shipments in an area designated for our drivers to help with distancing.
  • Increased sanitization
    • All Chit Chats branches are stocked with hand sanitizer and cleaning products
    • Extra steps to disinfect and clean common areas even more frequently
    • Limit shared workspaces and tools
  • Personal protective equipment
    • Masks or face coverings are mandatory for all staff
    • Masks or face coverings are mandatory for clients visiting any Chit Chats location where provincial mandates are in effect. We still strongly recommend our clients wear masks where provincial requirements have changed.
    • Gloves are available for our staff
    • Mandatory masks by region

In addition, all Chit Chats staff have been asked to take the following health and safety precautions and we recommend all our clients use these guidelines as well.

Precautionary practices

  • Stay at home if you or someone in your household is sick and/or shows symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19, even if the symptoms are mild.
  • Pay extra special attention to hand hygiene; the CDC recommends washing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds each time with warm soapy water (WHO: How to handwash?)
  • Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose and mouth)
  • Minimize physical contact with others, waves over handshakes or hugs
  • Practice good respiratory hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose with a bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Dispose of tissues immediately.
  • Limit non-mandatory travel 
  • Stay healthy and hydrated 

We are committed to ensuring our staff and clients’ safety and we are doing everything we can to minimize the risks and impacts. We appreciate your cooperation. 

The Chit Chats Team