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Chit Chats and Maritime Bus

If you’re in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island or Nova Scotia you can access Chit Chats with Maritime Bus.

Chit Chats has partnered with Maritime Bus to offer clients in the Atlantic region same day delivery to their Dartmouth Terminal. With over 30 locations in the Atlantic region, take advantage of Chit Chats’ low-cost, fully tracked shipping options by consolidating your packages and using Maritime Bus. Shipments are delivered the same day to the Dartmouth Terminal and will be processed by Chit Chats three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).

Our partnership with Maritime Bus offers discounted corporate rates to get consolidated packages to the Dartmouth Terminal. To ensure you don’t miss out on our special rates, please contact tbabineau@coachatlantic.ca to set up a Maritime Bus Corporate Parcel account. Please note that you must pay all fees in full by the time of shipment drop off.

Maritime Bus Drop Spots

Find the nearest Maritime Bus location to drop off your shipments. Shipments dropped off before the departure times listed will arrive at the Dartmouth terminal the same day for processing.

Preparing your Shipments

When preparing your shipments to send with Maritime Bus, please remember to:

Find detailed instructions for sending your shipments with Maritime Bus in our Help & Support or contact our support team today.