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Canada Post Service Impacts Due to COVID-19

Updated Aug 10, 2020

Parcel delays of up to a few days should continue to be expected for domestic parcels, as we continue to maintain a two-metre distance between employees and customers. As a result, parcel service guarantees continue to be suspended.

Canada Post

Due to increased safety measures and high shipping volumes, Canada Post is reporting unprecedented delays with both processing and delivery which will impact all shipments in Canada.

Our partner carrier, Canada Post continues to provide the latest updates on their website.

Customers may experience delays as important safety measures, including physical distancing, means it takes longer to process heavy parcel volumes. Thank you for your patience.

Canada Post

Canada Post’s larger processing facilities such as their Mississauga Gateway Centre are experiencing major processing delays. We have seen delays reported at an additional 7-14 business days and in some cases, we have seen packages being delivered in 30 business days.

Carrier tracking is updated once the package reaches the province of destination normally this can take 5-8 business days. With these delays carrier tracking will take longer and can update within 5-15 business days.

Service and Delivery Changes

  • Some packages may be transferred to different processing facilities based on capacity which may show tracking updates taking a different route than normal
  • Larger/Heavier packages will see significant delays
  • Reduced hours at many retail locations with some locations closing temporarily. Increased physical and social distancing at retail locations with the first hour of operation to prioritize vulnerable populations.
  • Knock, Drop and Go approach to parcel deliveries: increased safe-dropping of shipments
  • Temporarily waiving signatures for proof of delivery
  • Shipments requiring payment or identification will be available for pickup from a retail location.
  • Temporary suspension of On-time Delivery guarantees for parcels