Best Practices for Shipping

We know there’s so much to know when it comes to shipping and that’s why we are here to help! We wanted to share some best practices to help ensure that your packages are processed efficiently and prevent any delays especially during this busy season.

Shipping labels have bar codes that are used to send tracking updates so that you and your customers can follow the journey of the package.

  • DO
    • Package your items carefully and as small as possible to ensure that you maximize postage options
    • Verify addresses with your customers to ensure that the package ends up in their hands
    • Make sure your labels are legible: pay special attention to the address and bar code information
    • Place labels along the long side of your shipments
    • Ensure your weight and dimensions are accurately entered to avoid insufficient postage which can impact delivery and costs to both you and your customer
    • Choose the correct service for your shipment and packaging
  •  DON’T
    • Cover the bar codes on shipping labels with tape or anything else as it can impact any scanning updates
    • Send labels that cannot be read easily (i.e. faded labels or printed in poor quality) as this can impact any scanning and ultimately tracking updates
    • Wrap the label around any corners or edges or fold along the bar code as this can impact any scanning updates
    • Guess the weight and dimensions of packages: this will help avoid underpaying postage

We encourage you to learn more on calculating correct postage from USPS or you can check out some useful tips on how to properly package your shipments on our Help & Support portal.