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August Client Spotlights

Client Spotlight

Whether caps, tiaras or vintage threads best suit your style, we’ve got you covered with another round of Chit Chats clients to feature. All three of our featured businesses are making serious waves in their spaces and prove just how easy it is to grow with Chit Chats. Dive into our August Client Spotlights to learn more!

The Cap Guys Inc

The Cap Guys is a retailer and manufacturer of hats, caps and other headwear and accessories. If you have an idea for a hat for yourself or for the team, they are the perfect guys to help you out.

Co-founder Mark, and his business partner started The Cap Guys as a way to build on their existing connections and skillsets. They saw an opportunity to build something from scratch and the potential for growth in the accessories market. 

With a background in the beauty industry, point-of-purchase displays were a big component of selling products to consumers. After swapping beauty products with hats, they were able to kickstart their success by selling hats using their Retail Kiosks in other businesses. Pioneering this innovative concept, The Caps Guys’ Retail Kiosks soon expanded into barbershops, large retail chains and convenience stores all over Toronto. 

Their retail successes then spurred the expansion into various online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, NewEgg and Walmart (the first Canadian company to sell on this channel)! You can also find The Caps Guys in even more retail spaces as they continue to grow such as Lucky’s Skate Shop, MichaelJazz, Marshalls and Winners. 

Chit Chats has helped their online business not only grow but save on shipping costs. The convenience of preparing all the packages ahead of time helps optimize their logistics. And with new branches opening up, it‘s easier than ever to drop off packages to Chit Chats. 

Chit Chats has helped us a lot by allowing us to ship out products cheaper than other providers. We used to pay more than double the price to ship to America. Pricing is amazing and so convenient to ship.

Mark, Co-founder The Caps Guys

As a multiple award-winning company their future goal is to keep expanding their product line with their own house brand. Check out their online store for the latest gear like hats, apparel and accessories from a variety of brands. And be sure you don’t miss out on the new creations from their house brand, Inspired Exclusives. 

Petite Princess Box

A children’s subscription box, The Petite Princess Box lets little ones unleash their imagination and dreams. Once a month, princess-themed goodies arrive right to the front door of their modern-day castles. The business designs each box around an enchanted theme including 4-5 princess accessories like tiaras, hair bows, jewelry and more. But what’s even better are the lessons inside. Each box contains a mini fairy tale story card, encouraging girls to be confident and unique.

Owner Kelly’s mission is to provide a box of fashion-driven accessories while also fostering a sense of imagination around a different theme each month. From her experience working with kindergarten-aged children, she recognizes the importance of imagination in healthy child development. That’s why the focus of each Petite Princess Box is imagination-based play.

After features in Woman’s World, Life & Style, NBC and other media outlets, Kelly’s business was booming. She then discovered Chit Chats after coming across a news article. It explained how we could help small businesses like hers with more affordable shipping options. Since most of her customers were in the U.S. she thought why not give it a try and she’s been a loyal client ever since.

After using Chit Chats, not only was she amazed at the customer service but the value we provided her business. Our affordable shipping costs and quick transit times played a hand in her success. 

I am extremely thankful I have found this service and every time I visit my branch (in Markham) I am always greeted with smiles.

Kelly, Founder Petite Princess Box

We are so thankful Kelly, as your story inspires us to continue doing what we do!

If you’re looking for a way to spread imagination and lessons of confidence, look no further. Make dreams come true by subscribing to The Petite Princess Box!

Vibn Vintage

Mehul, founder & CEO, started his online vintage retail store in early 2019. With a mantra to live and breathe fashion sustainably, you’ll discover that Vibn Vintage handpicks unique finds for all styles and tastemakers. They even offer cool mystery boxes that they pack with premium vintage clothing, carefully curated by their team. 

Even more amazing is that they have been able to grow the business, all the while reducing textile waste. To date, they’ve reused and reclaimed 10,000 pounds of clothing! Sustainable fashion at its finest. 

Hearing that Chit Chats could help his business save on shipping Mehul decided to try it out for their orders. At the time that Mehul found Chit Chats, he would receive about 2-3 orders per week. Fast forward 2 years and he is now shipping out an average of 50 orders per week. 

All of my customers were very happy with my shipping service which helped me in getting return customers. Two years later, I get at least 50 orders per week out of which I ship most via Chit Chats due to the wonderful service! I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon, and hope to bring more and more orders.

Mehul, Founder/CEO Vibn Vintage