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Asendia & UPS MI Postage Adjustments

UPS MI and Asendia postage adjustments have been on hold since December 2018 due to an error with the carrier’s calculations.


All issues have been resolved and UPS MI postage adjustments will resume. Any postage adjustments for UPS MI will apply only to shipments processed after June 23, 2019.


We are still resolving postage adjustments with Asendia. We will update clients when we have come to a resolution along with when postage adjustments will be rolled out for Asendia.

Tips and Best Practices

Don’t forget to be accurate with your package weight and dimensions along with using the correct package and postage type for your shipment. Find more tips and best practices for labels and packages in our previous blog post.

If you have questions reach out to our support team and one of our representatives would be happy to help.