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Asendia Updates for BC clients

For our clients in the BC region the Asendia pick up schedule will change starting Monday, Feb 11.

Currently for BC clients Asendia shipments:

  • Dropped off Tuesday to Thursday are handed off to Asendia on Friday
  • Dropped off Friday to Monday are handed off to Asendia on Tuesday

Starting Monday, Feb 11 Asendia shipments:

  • Dropped off Monday to Wednesday will be handed off to Asendia on Thursday
  • Dropped off Thursday to Friday will be handed off to Asendia on Monday

How to Track Asendia Shipments

To find the latest tracking updates for Asendia Priority Tracked shipments, enter the secondary tracking number from Asendia’s tracking page on:

  1. The partner carrier’s tracking page (USPS, Swiss Post, La Poste) or
  2. The destination country’s local postal carrier’s tracking page

You can reference our previous blog post with further details and examples.