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Asendia Service Impacts Due to COVID-19

Update Apr 21, 2022

Flooding and extreme weather conditions across New South Wales and in Queensland are causing some delivery delays for items coming in and out of these regions. Local deliveries in flood-affected areas are also impacted. As a result of local road closures and access issues, the implementation of safety measures and the closure of several post offices, delivery to certain postcodes is limited in flood-affected areas.

Update Dec 3, 2021

The previously imposed suspension for mail acceptance to New Zealand continues to remain however, our Chit Chats International Tracked service now offers options for your shipments to New Zealand.

Find the latest service updates from Asendia directly on their website:

Due to the pandemic, shipments are experiencing delays. This impacts both tracking updates and delivery.

International shipments are delayed by the limited availability of air transportation in addition to any customs and foreign postal carrier delays. Depending on the country and the safety protocols in place by the government, this can result in additional days for processing and delivery.

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