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Asendia Service Impacts Due to COVID-19

Update Sep 23, 2021

Shipments to Australia and New Zealand are still experiencing delays. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as provided from our partner carriers.

Asendia Priority Tracked postage will soon discontinue the return service for this postage type. The last day return shipments will be processed will be December 31, 2021. Learn more

Update Sep 10, 2021

Australia Post is experiencing a high volume of shipments due to COVID-19 and shipments are experiencing delays. Our partner carriers have also advised that NZ Post, the final mile carrier for New Zealand is reporting delays as well.

  • Customs clearance and processing delays are being reported at + 2 business days
  • Final mile delivery delays are ranging between 2-6 additional business days

Extended lockdowns across our most populous states mean record numbers of people are shopping online. This has caused an unprecedented surge in parcel deliveries.

We’ve been affected by temporary facility closures and on any given day have around 500 of our people in precautionary self-isolation in accordance with state regulations.

Fewer passenger flights means we have less air freight capacity. Many domestic and international routes are currently suspended, and remaining routes have much lower frequencies.

Australia Post

Find the latest service updates from Asendia directly on their website:

Due to the pandemic shipments are experiencing delays to all international destinations serviced by Asendia. This impacts delays in tracking updates and delivery.

International shipments are delayed by the limited availability of air transportation in addition to any customs and foreign postal carrier delays. Depending on the country and the safety protocols in place by the government, this can result in additional days for processing and delivery.

Learn how to track international packages in our latest blog post.