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Asendia Returns To Be Discontinued

Update March 15, 2022

Asendia Priority Tracked postage is a great low-cost option for shipping to several international destinations. However, we want to remind our clients that return service is no longer available for our Asendia Priority Tracked postage as of December 31, 2021

As such, unsuccessful deliveries are no longer returned to sender with this service. Please remember to communicate this update to your customers who may be unfamiliar with this change. Once Asendia deems a shipment undeliverable, the tracking will show its journey back to the U.S. where it will be safely disposed of at the carrier facility. 

If you anticipate a shipment needing to be returned for any reason, we recommend using USPS international postage to send your package.

As we all know, sometimes shipments aren’t delivered as expected and may be returned if they are undeliverable or returned by the customer.

Typically returned shipments take longer to be sent back to the sender than the original shipping time, especially if returning from an international destination. Not only do these shipments have to pass through multiple carriers and processing facilities but also international customs. 

Chit Chats offers Asendia Priority Tracked postage as a great low-cost option for shipping to several international destinations. We always strive to provide the best low-cost rates to our clients and for this reason, we regularly review our services to ensure that they meet the high level of service that your business has come to expect. 

After much analysis and listening to your feedback, we recognize that there have been challenges with Asendia’s return service due to lengthy delays and additional fees for select destinations. The service of return shipments or reverse logistics, is often not prioritized in terms of speed and how quickly a shipment is returned to the sender can vary drastically. 

During the pandemic, we’ve seen rising costs for international shipping due to limited transportation with carriers and service delays. The delivery rates for overseas shipments are their own challenges and our international carriers have alerted us to expect additional customs fees for several countries in the coming months. 

In order to continue offering our clients low-cost international rates, we have decided to remove the return service from our Asendia Priority Tracked offering. This means that any Asendia Priority Tracked shipments that are not delivered successfully will not be returned to the sender. Instead, these shipments will be safely disposed of at the carrier facility. If for any reason a shipment is undeliverable and you need to have the shipment returned to you we recommend using USPS international postage to send your package. 

We understand that there are shipments currently being routed back to the sender and we want to ensure that pre-existing undeliverable shipments have enough time to return to you. That’s why the last day that we will process return shipments for our Asendia Priority Tracked service will be December 31, 2021.

We are committed to offering the best low-cost postage options to ship your packages worldwide and always looking for new options for our clients. Stay tuned for more updates on our international services in the near future as we will have some exciting updates soon!