Our Asendia Postage Offering is Getting a Refresh!

We’re tailoring our Asendia service to better serve your smaller international shipments. Read on to learn more about what to expect from this service.

Update Apr 25 

In an effort to offer our clients the best international postage option available, we will be postponing the release of our new Asendia rates for the time being. We hope to move forward with the postage refresh to better serve your smaller international shipments very soon. In the meantime, we will continue to service your Asendia packages as normal. Please be sure to check back as we will be announcing the new official launch date in the coming weeks.

New Rates

We have worked diligently with our partner carriers to keep rates to international destinations low-cost. These rate increases represent deferred carrier increases from earlier in the year that are in line with the rising cost of inflation and will take effect as of Wednesday April 13. 

Once these new rates go into effect, you will see a slight increase to postage rates for most destinations serviced by Asendia. Heavier shipments will see the biggest change in price. The new rates will automatically be updated in your account and will not require any action on your end. 

New Look

You’ll notice right away that your Asendia postage has a new look. These refreshed postage labels will look different upon first glance but will still receive the same fully tracked services with our partners and local carriers.  

Drop-off of your shipments will also remain unchanged. While we make the transition over to the new labels, please continue to drop off your Asendia shipments as usual as they will be processed the same way. If an Asendia shipment is pending in your account and unpaid when the new changes come into effect, you will need to to refresh the postage in order to continue with the purchase.

New Service Conditions

As part of our effort to keep international postage low cost, we have made changes to the Asendia service to better serve your small packages. Along with slight price increases, a weight restriction of 4.4 lb (2 kg) will apply to all Asendia shipments as of April 13. 

While the maximum dimensions for an Asendia shipment will remain unchanged, please be sure to accurately input your shipment’s weight and dimensions. If your shipment exceeds the new 4.4 lb weight restriction or the previously stated maximum dimensions of (L + W + H) < 900 mm,  it will need to be sent with an alternative postage type such as Chit Chats international Tracked or USPS Priority Mail international.  

Our Asendia postage services the following destinations:

Hong KongIsraelSwedenSouth Korea

Delivery time for shipments sent with Asendia International Priority Tracked is typically between 4-22 business days. However, we always recommend that you reference our post for information on any known delays. Head over to our website to learn more about our other international postage options.