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Archiving Shipment Details

Respecting the privacy of both you and your customers is important to us. Starting December 6, 2019 the Chit Chats platform will no longer support shipments that are older than 12 months and are not in transit. This includes shipments in the delivered, archived, exception, voided or deleted statuses.

In addition to removing shipments older than 12 months with these statuses, personal information such as the recipient name, address and phone number will be redacted from shipments after 90 days. You will see these fields replaced with the word ‘Redacted’.

Next steps

In light of this change, if you require any details from shipments older than 12 months, we recommend exporting the information from your Chit Chats account. If any customer information is needed from shipments older than 90 days we recommend regularly exporting this information as well.

To export shipment data as a CSV: Head to ‘All Shipments’ (left-sidebar), enter your custom date range and click ‘Export’.

Once this update takes place we will not be able to retrieve any customer details for shipments 90 days or older along with resolved shipments older than 12 months.

If you have any more questions or need help exporting your shipment information, message us through our Help and Support portal.