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April Client Spotlights

Client Spotlight

This April we kick off our monthly client spotlights with unique macramé creations, mini piñata party favors and beautiful, minimalist jewelry for men and women.

We are always impressed with how creative our clients are and thankful to be able to support them in getting their unique products to the market. So be sure to read on to learn more about these wonderful local makers. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something you like! #supportlocal

Imagine This Canada

Find lovingly handcrafted and unique macramé creations in a variety of styles. Ranging from functional to whimsical to elegant, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your aesthetic from Imagine This Canada.

After retiring Jennifer took her macramé hobby to the next level and launched an Etsy shop. One of her biggest fears was not knowing how to get her handcrafted creations to her buyers. At first she was discouraged when she saw how expensive shipping was. Then she stumbled upon Chit Chats, priced out a few options and saw that she could still offer free shipping without breaking the bank.

As a new small business owner she reached out to Chit Chats for guidance and was able to quickly get started with a Chit Chats account.

Thank you Chit Chats! You took the headache out of shipping and made it an affordable expense in my business.

Jennifer, Imagine This Canada

Thanks Jennifer for letting us support your journey and helping to grow your business! Be sure to check out Imagine This Canada online.

Lula Flora

The original creators of the fillable mini donkey piñata and the first online shop to sell piñata party favors, Lula Flora is known for pioneering the mini piñata trend!

When Christine (Lula Flora’s founder) was looking for someone to create mini wedding favors for her 2012 destination wedding, she eventually came to the idea of launching her own shop. Thus paving the way for premium mini piñata party favors and decorations. 

After collaborating with major brands like Sugarfina, Garage Clothing, La Croix, Nordstrom and more, Lula Flora is definitely spreading their signature fiesta vibe and we are loving it! 

With fast shipping times and superior customer service, we are proud to support Lula Flora in getting her festive decorations to customers around the world. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something festive with Lula Flora for your next event, even though it may just be virtual! 

Peachberry Lane

Looking for a special gift that’s made with love? Check out Peachberry Lane for uncomplicated and charming minimalist jewellery, portraits, laser engraved giftware and home decor. Truly simple and beautiful! 

Jennifer uses traditional metalsmithing skills to create beautiful, minimalist jewelry for both men and women. Each item is made with such attention to detail, you’ll surely find a one of a kind gift for someone you love. Or even for yourself!

We love helping to get her beautiful designs out to the world.  Check out her online shop to find something special today.

Let’s us know if you enjoyed our April client spotlights. If you want to share your story or be featured, feel free to drop us a line at social@chitchats.com. We always love hearing from you as your stories inspire us and our mission: helping Canadian entrepreneurs live their dreams!