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2021 Annual Carrier Rate Increases

Update June 14

Historically, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has relied on mail volumes as an important driver of revenue. However, as the rise in ecommerce in recent decades shifts volumes towards parcels and larger mailpieces, there has been a steady decline in lettermail volumes. And in March 2021, the USPS unveiled their Delivering for America plan, a 10-year strategy for sustaining the Postal Service through these changing market realities.

One significant change for sellers to come from the USPS’s vision is an additional price increase for some postal products. This is in an effort to keep up with inflation, increased delivery points and labour costs while the USPS maintains their commitment to affordable pricing. As a result, a second USPS rate increase for the 2021 calendar year will come into effect in August.

Overview of the August USPS Rate Changes

This second round of rate increases from USPS is set to go live on Sunday, August 29. There are no changes to your workflow required as new rates will automatically update in your Chit Chats account for you. For more information, please see the USPS’s pricing fact sheet.

The majority of the rates changes will apply to USPS First Class Mail services, both domestic and international. Postage rates for USPS First Class Mail Package and USPS Priority Mail services will not change at this time.

  1. First-Class Mail: 6.8% increase
  2. Media Mail (legacy service): 10.86% increase

January 2021 Carrier Rate Increases

As the year winds down, we want to remind you of the upcoming annual postage rate increases that are scheduled by all carriers in the new year. Carriers implement rate increases every year that are in line with rising costs due to inflation.

You will see increases for all postage types and there is no action required on your end. New rates go into effect in January and we will update you with the specific dates for each carrier’s increase in the next month.

The first carrier increase will be Dec 28 for our Canpar courier pickups. We will continue to update this post as our partner carriers confirm these dates.

  • Revised Feb 15: Asendia Priority Tracked
  • Dec 28: Canpar (Courier pickups)
  • Jan 11: Chit Chats Canada Tracked
    • Rates increase approximately 2.4%
    • 500 g Vancouver to Toronto $9.06
    • 1 kg Toronto to Montreal $9.21
    • 5 kg Halifax to Calgary $20.30
  • Jan 24: Chit Chats U.S. Tracked
  • Jan 24: USPS First Class & Priority Mail (Domestic & International)
    • Average increase of 6.5% for First Class Package and of 3.6% for Priority Mail
    • Average increase of 4.8% for First Class Package International and 5.1% for Priority Mail International
  • Jan 26: UPS Mail Innovations*

*Availability of this service may vary.

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